Occupational Therapists

caretaker reading story to her patientOur Occupational Therapists will assess and treat small motor function and provide rehabilitative exercises for the client.

They can administer treatment services such as:

  • Range of Motion Enhancement
  • Assessment of Cognition and Psychosocial Needs
  • Sensation Restoration Treatment
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Therapy
  • Minimizing Fatigue by Work Simplification
  • Occupation-Focused Practice Models
  • Energy Conservation and Management
  • Coordinating Progressive Skills Recovery Program
  • Mobility Rehabilitation
  • Pain Assessment and Management
  • Basic Skills Re-Education
  • Coordinating Activities to Promote Independence
  • Educating Client in Work Safety Measures
  • Coping Strategies for Client’s Disability
  • Enhancing the Client’s Coordination
  • Muscle Control Training
  • Body Mechanics Rehabilitation
  • Prevention of Disease and Injury

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